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The White Course

The White Course

The Black CourseThe Black Course


Currently, we have collaborated on the design of three West Virginia disc golf courses, all  in GrandVue Park (Moundsville, WV).  The Black Course, home to the 2013, 14, & 15 WV Doubles Championship, a PDGA B-Tier event, was designed by our lead designer Johnny Sias.  This is a Championship Course that will test a player’s mental and physical abilities.  At over 9,400′ this is the longest disc golf course in West Virginia.  The Yellow Course, was designed with the beginning player and family in mind.  This ‘pitch & putt’ course offers the novice player enough to taste the game and yet still want more.  For advanced and Professional disc golfers, the Yellow Course is perfect for a ‘putter only’ round, glow golf, or ace race.

Our newest course, The White Course, is named as such because it is the complete opposite style of The Black Course.  This course traverses through the woods of GrandVue Park but offers very open fairways.  Throwing through the ‘hollas’ of a West Virginia mountain,  this course will lead you through a beautiful scenic area of the park not seen by many.  With seven waterfalls, animal dens, and intriguing rock formations, this course is a delight to the eyes as well as a challenge to your physical endurance.  This is truly mountain disc golf!

If you’re new to WV disc golf courses, our courses offer a true gauge to the beauty that our state offers.

If you’re interested in learning more about our course design abilities and rates, please contact us.

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